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26/11, Taj Terror Attack: One mass case study in Harvard Psychology department

On November 26, 2008, one of the most audacious attacks on India’s sovereignty took place. Ten terrorists carried out 12 different across the city. That tragic day world witnessed extraordinary act of bravery and resilience across the city. While Indian commandos and forces were in action from outside the Taj hotel, very few knew what was happening inside the hotel during that crucial time. While all the employees were very well aware about exit points but Not ONE Taj employee abandoned the hotel and ran right through the attack.
Instead, they helped guests escape from the hotel. As a matter of fact, some of them lost their lives in the process.
This really confounded the psychologists. Their study revealed some interesting facts about the hiring system of Taj Group:
The Taj did not recruit from big cities, they recruited from smaller cities where traditional culture still holds strong.They did not recruit toppers; they spoke to schoolmasters to find out who were most respectful of the…

Back pain? simple homeremedies to relieve pain

Most you might have experienced dull and constant pain in the lower back or sudden pain below the shoulder. This is considered as the back pain. This is a very common problem and most of people will suffer from the back pain at least once in their life time. It can affect people of any age but are common in adults above forty years of age. Back pain can disrupt the quality of your life as they prevent you from work, exercise or in some cases even moving around.  It is not possible to ignore the pain and it needs immediate treatment. It is necessary to understand the underlying problem and one should create lifestyle changes to ease the problem.

Top Home Remedies For Back Pain  Get Moving 
Do not lie down for long periods. This will make the back pain worse and movements difficult. Try to rest with your back arched using a pillow under your knees. Do not lie on your stomach as this may result in neck pain. Cold And Hot Compress
If you have injured your back, getting hot and cold compression…

Secrets your bank doesn't want you to know

Banks charge clients for a plethora of services to recover their costs. And it is not a recent phenomenon. There are charges for PIN generation, demand draft, duplicate bank statement, and even account balance updates that you get via SMS on your phone.
Here are some common bank charges that we all should know about.
1) Cash Transactions
You cannot do unlimited cash transactions from your bank account. There is a cost to it and banks charge you for that. For example, SBI Bank allows just three free cash transactions per month and thereafter charges Rs 50 per transaction. The charges were introduced last year by the bank.
Similarly, India's biggest private sector bank, ICICI Bank, reintroduced cash transaction charges post demonetisation at branches from January 1, 2017.
There are no charges for first four transactions in a month at branches in the same city. Thereafter, Rs 5 per Rs 1,000 is charged.
2) Non-maintenance charges
Non-maintenance charges have always been a point of di…

Full List of Foods Never to Put in the Refrigerator

It is quite natural for all of us to want to preserve and protect the foods we purchase. With that in mind, we always think that the best way to do that is by putting them in our refrigerators. However, there are certain foods which should never be placed in the fridge. Below, we have put together an extended list of such foods. The results and certain entries, may surprise you.

Bananas in the fridge? Because they retain nutrients better outside the fridge, they should never be placed inside the refrigerator. According to Canadian Produce Marketing Association, bananas are better kept on the counter until they ripen. The cold temperatures actually slow down the ripening process of the bananas, while the moisture and darkness of the fridge will only facilitate rotting.

Potato Growers of Alberta all agree; spuds should be placed in a cool, dry and dark space. By reason of the cold temperatures of the fridge, it can turn starch into sugar more rapidly. Because of that, keepi…

Think twice before closing your bank account

These days a lot of hue and cry is made by consumers about bank charges especially when it comes to monthly average balance maintenance charges. But do you know your bank also charges you when you close your account within a particular time period. Generally, if the account is closed within a year, account closure charges are levied by the bank. These are known as bank account closing charges. Recently, SBI has revised its bank account closing charges. The new charges will be effective from October 1. Now, for SBI customers, there will be no account closure charges in case a person closes the bank account after one year. Earlier the bank used to levy a charge of Rs 500 plus GST (goods and services tax) if a person closed its bank account even after a year of opening it. Those who close the bank account within one year of opening will have to pay Rs 500 plus GST. No change has been made for such customers. However, now no charges will be levied if a deceased person's account is cl…

How sleeping well decreases your cancer risk

Are you lacking sleep? Do you use indoor lighting and devices that produce light at night? If so, you may potentially be at a higher risk of getting cancer, according to researchers who suggest making changes in your sleep patterns and exposure to light. Between stress, work, and school, more than 70 percent of Americans are not meeting the average recommended 8 hours of sleep they need, and it’s safe to say, America is suffering from a serious sleep crisis. Both melatonin and cortisol hormones that are produced at night are believed to play an important role in fighting off cancer according to some doctors, sleep psychologists, and researchers. Dr. Richard G. Stevens, Cancer Epidemiologist and professor at the University Of Connecticut Health Center has been researching for many years and has tried to figure out why people get cancer, after proposing that cancer may be caused by an overload in iron, Dr. Stevens decided to do research in breast cancer. Melatonin works as a powerful anti…

Lose 20 Pounds Without Exercise!

Whenever you have some sort of special occasion coming up, you tend to plan onto losing weight. You plan your chart on the daily diet plans and exercise routines but eventually end up not doing anything at all. And by the time you realise that, the date would have crept up on you with those extra pounds remaining intact. But, you have good news. As a last-minute resort, it is likely to drop 20 pounds in a month without exercising!! Haven't you been waiting for this, like forever? By following these simple steps, it is quite likely to lose those pesky 20 pounds quickly.
Step 1 Low-calorie diet it is! You should maintain a low-calorie diet of not more than around 1,100 calories each day. While this may be difficult, you have to burn more calories than you eat so as to lose weight.
So keep in mind to maintain a low-calorie diet of 1100 calories per day.
Step 2 Secondly, you should consume four or five small meals each day rather than three large ones. This will keep your metabolism going …

Kill those mosquitoes with your phone. Yes, that's right, the all new LG K7i can kill mosquitoes.

The LGK7i comes with a special sound wave technology effectively repels mosquitoes.

Which is most deadliest creature on the planet?

Yes there are sharks, lions, tigers, snakes out there that may come into your mind at first thought but did you know the one creature that causes most of the reported death worldwide is the mosquito. Tiny as they may seem,  they are most common virus spreaders as they directly connect with the blood. Virus spread easily through blood and are the major cause of various deadly disease such as the Dengue, Malaria, chikungunya etc.

Did you know?

As estimated by the WHO (World Health Organization) in the year 2015, mosquitos were responsible for over 438,000 deaths across the globe.

Today almost all the social welfare groups are working constantly to control the spread of this insect. Chemical based mosquito repellents are the most commonly used method to get rid of mosquitoes. Though this effectively work, chemicals can also be a threat to humans. The chemical ev…

Imagine having a phone with 512 GB storage, Yes! Samsung plans to make that possible.

“Storage space is full”, how many of us have seen that notification before, more storage is always better. Now you might find it real hard to run out of storage space, all thanks to Samsung.

Samsung just made the best announcement ever, the next Galaxy phone would most probably come with a universal flash storage memory chip embedded with a storage capacity of about 512GB.  In the current market the highest storage space available for a phone is 256GB, from what samsung claims the next galaxy could be the next big thing in the market after the Apple’s iPhone X. As per the company’s claims the chip would consist  V-NAND chips of which is eight 64-layer 512GB, that is just more than double of what we get today. The best news is not just  that, this chip talks about almost the same space as the 256GB chip.

Obviously other phones could come up with an expandable memory option that is even higher, for example through a microSD, but internal storage has its benefits. The 512GB chip can read …

Reversible emoji- Texting is going to be so much fun

Ever wished the emoji you want to use is in the opposite direction so that you can convey the message properly. Well Apple has come with a new feature that lets you reverse the emoji. How cool is that? This cool feature is set to be launched next year.

In the next iOS update, the iPhone and iPad are to be among the first devices to welcome the reversible emoji feature. But no worries for non iPhone users this feature will soon be applicable to all the devices that enables emoji support.

As per the details announced in a blog post by the Unicode Consortium the Unicode Emoji 11.0 is already out to the developers and it contains about 130 Emojis. This list is not yet final and changes may include with further removal and addition. So far the information that has been leaked around MacRumors  have suggested that the  vendors will have the rights to choose the Emojis that the want to be reversed.

The draft illustrates the following, for example, one can choose the direction one wants to run…

How To Lose 8 Kg's Weight In 7 Days

Have a big party coming up in few weeks? Are you a to be bride? Well instantly losing weight leads us to dieting but not all diets are save and one that might have worked for your friend need not work for you. Starving yourself is not even an option. There are various pills and powders that claims to give you the body you desire magically. Some may work while some may not. One of the safest and healthiest ways to lose weight is by following the GM diet. It is believed that you will be able to reduce about 5 to 8 kilograms in weight when you follow the diet plan exactly as mentioned.

Day One
When following the GM diet plan program, the first day is the most important day. According to the GM diet plan says that the first day of the diet must be a complete fruit diet day. You can choose  whatever fruit that you like but avoid bananas for day 1. Some of the fruits that you can take are  watermelons and cantaloupe. You are also supposed to drink about 8 to 12 glasses of water , do not even …

Top Home Remedies To Fight Blood Pressure

Several home remedies can help you keep Hypertension and high blood pressure at bay. Read on to know more about methods which help you control your blood pressure without medication. Home remedies can help you prevent hypertension and high blood pressure. Hypertension is more than just experiencing high levels of mental or physical stress. It is stress on your body that can kill you. Common causes or contributing factors of hypertension, which occurs due to high blood pressure are obesity, some genetic factors, excessive drinking, high salt intake, lack of aerobic exercise, birth control pills and pain relievers. Medication is often prescribed to deal with high blood pressure and is chronic. Which means it has to be taken forever to not make hypertension a cause for your death. But if you follow some simple home remedies, you can get better control over your blood pressure. Here are 9…