Back pain? simple homeremedies to relieve pain

Most you might have experienced dull and constant pain in the lower back or sudden pain below the shoulder. This is considered as the back pain. This is a very common problem and most of people will suffer from the back pain at least once in their life time. It can affect people of any age but are common in adults above forty years of age. Back pain can disrupt the quality of your life as they prevent you from work, exercise or in some cases even moving around.  It is not possible to ignore the pain and it needs immediate treatment. It is necessary to understand the underlying problem and one should create lifestyle changes to ease the problem.

Top Home Remedies For Back Pain 
Get Moving 
Do not lie down for long periods. This will make the back pain worse and movements difficult. Try to rest with your back arched using a pillow under your knees. Do not lie on your stomach as this may result in neck pain.
Cold And Hot Compress
If you have injured your back, getting hot and cold compression can ease off the pain.  Try to do the hot and cold compression within 24 hours of injuring the back. Do not apply ice directly to the affected area. Apply a cold pack for about 20 minutes and alternate it with hot compress to relax the muscles.
Soak In Hot Bath 
If you are suffering from back pain for more than 24 hours, you can opt for soaking your back in a hot bath.  Ice will not provide the relief more than 24 hours after the injury occurred.  It is necessary to soak the back in the hot bath for at least 20 minutes to get relief.  Do not sit in the hot bath for too long this can increase your body temperature.
Practice Relaxation Techniques
Tension in the muscles is a cause of pain. Tension can occur due to physical stress as well as mental stress. Try to practice relaxation techniques such as meditation, deep breathing or minor yoga exercises can relieve the pain. Do not go for strenuous yoga exercises.
Use Cushions To Support Your Back
When you have to sit for a long time, use cushion to support your back. Most of the chairs do not provide the right support to your lower back. Sitting at an angle of 1100 will provide the right support to your back. Take breaks in between if you have to sit for long hours.
This is one of the best home remedies for back pain. Swimming do not cause strain to the back muscles. Water will be supporting your body, so that the movements are easier when you are in the water.
Shed The Extra Pounds
If you are overweight, the extra weight causes stress on the body. This leads to back pain. Balancing the weight in the belly region put pressure on the back muscles. Bring your BMI under control by opting for a good diet plan. You will see that when your weight reduces, the pain will also disappear.
Sleep In The Right Position
Sleeping in the right position is as important as keeping the right position while working on the computer or watching TV. Sleeping in the right position can avoid the back pain.  The best position to sleep is on your side with the knees bent. Placing a pillow between the legs will prevent sliding of the top leg in the forward direction. The twist of the top leg may cause strain to the back.
Carry Or Lift Things In The Right Position
When you carry things, keep your elbows close to the body. You can carry the object on your head without causing strain to the back. Bend your knees while picking up objects from the floor. Never carry heavy backpacks and wear the straps of the backpack on both shoulders for even distribution of weight.
Use The Right Mattress
Discard your old mattresses and get the new one which provides support to the spine and back. The mattress should be firm and should prevent the spine to curve.
Abdominal Strengthening Exercises
If you want to have a flexible and strong back, you should incorporate some abdominal strengthening exercises to your workout regime at least twice a week.  Strong abdominal muscles will reduce the strain on the back muscles.
Increase Your Calcium And Vitamin D Intake
Osteoporosis is a major cause for developing back pain when you are old.  Consume plenty of calcium and vitamin D to make your bones in the spine strong. Food items like leafy vegetable, milk, yoghurt etc provide calcium. Exposure to sunlight promotes the vitamin D synthesis in our body.
Avoid High Heeled Sandals And Shoes
If you want to prevent the chances of developing back pain, avoid using high heeled sandals and shoes. High heeled shoes cause strain in the back muscles. Use sandals or shoes with less than one- inch heel to protect your back.
Avoid Smoking 
Studies have shown that smokers have more chances of experiencing back pain than the non-smokers, especially in the later stages of life.  The nicotine in cigarette  reduces the blood flow to the discs present between the vertebrae . This causes the discs to dry and rupture.  Smoking also reduces the blood supply to the muscles and they do not get enough nourishment. This will cause unhealthy muscles and tendons which are more prone to damages even by small strains.
When you have to stand, sit or lie in the same position for long periods, your back is strained. Try to relieve the strain by getting up and moving around.  Do some stretches to help proper blood flow to the bones and muscles of the back and to remove the strains to the muscles.
Herbal Remedies
You can also use Epsom salt or apply eucalyptus oil, licorice or peppermint to the affected area to relieve or cure back pain.
Do your work demands sitting in front of the computer for hours? Are you experiencing intermittent pain in your lower back? Are you looking for easy home remedies for back pain? Then you can try some of the above remedies to prevent or to reduce the back pain.


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