Imagine having a phone with 512 GB storage, Yes! Samsung plans to make that possible.

“Storage space is full”, how many of us have seen that notification before, more storage is always better. Now you might find it real hard to run out of storage space, all thanks to Samsung.

Samsung just made the best announcement ever, the next Galaxy phone would most probably come with a universal flash storage memory chip embedded with a storage capacity of about 512GB.  In the current market the highest storage space available for a phone is 256GB, from what samsung claims the next galaxy could be the next big thing in the market after the Apple’s iPhone X. As per the company’s claims the chip would consist  V-NAND chips of which is eight 64-layer 512GB, that is just more than double of what we get today. The best news is not just  that, this chip talks about almost the same space as the 256GB chip.

Obviously other phones could come up with an expandable memory option that is even higher, for example through a microSD, but internal storage has its benefits. The 512GB chip can read and write data at 850MB/second which samsung states is about eight time for faster than what an external SD card can do. But most of all externational SD is an additional option while in built memory is directly linked to your phone.

As per samsung’s claims the chip would be launched in the next generation phones, it could either be the Galaxy S9 or the Note 9. There are also possibilities that that these Samsung chips could come in phones by other manufactures.  


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