Kill those mosquitoes with your phone. Yes, that's right, the all new LG K7i can kill mosquitoes.

The LGK7i comes with a special sound wave technology effectively repels mosquitoes.

Which is most deadliest creature on the planet?

Yes there are sharks, lions, tigers, snakes out there that may come into your mind at first thought but did you know the one creature that causes most of the reported death worldwide is the mosquito. Tiny as they may seem,  they are most common virus spreaders as they directly connect with the blood. Virus spread easily through blood and are the major cause of various deadly disease such as the Dengue, Malaria, chikungunya etc.

Did you know?

As estimated by the WHO (World Health Organization) in the year 2015, mosquitos were responsible for over 438,000 deaths across the globe.

Today almost all the social welfare groups are working constantly to control the spread of this insect. Chemical based mosquito repellents are the most commonly used method to get rid of mosquitoes. Though this effectively work, chemicals can also be a threat to humans. The chemical evaporators used in homes could cause damage to the lungs in  the long run. Not only are chemicals damaging to the environment  but may be causing long term disorders in your kids as well as elders in the house.

Here is a chemical free mosquito repellent invented by LG. The latest LGK7i comes with a sound wave repel technology that keeps mosquitoes at bay. This feature uses 30 kHz frequencies that will keep the mosquitoes away. The best part is that this particular frequency is completely noise free and is safe for humans. As per the test results the waves were able to actively repel 72.32% of the gambiae mosquitoes.

LG has done a good job by fixing this feature into the smartphone. The phone has a 5-inch On-Cell display,  8.1mm thick and weighs 154 grams. It also comes with a stand to place the phone while the repellent feature is ON. There will also be two back covers for the phone, one standard and one for mosquito repellent mode, which one can swap easily. Well that's not just it, you get all this and a brand new phone at just Rs 7,990.


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