Lose 20 Pounds Without Exercise!

Whenever you have some sort of special occasion coming up, you tend to plan onto losing weight. You plan your chart on the daily diet plans and exercise routines but eventually end up not doing anything at all. And by the time you realise that, the date would have crept up on you with those extra pounds remaining intact. But, you have good news. As a last-minute resort, it is likely to drop 20 pounds in a month without exercising!! Haven't you been waiting for this, like forever? By following these simple steps, it is quite likely to lose those pesky 20 pounds quickly.

Step 1
Low-calorie diet it is! You should maintain a low-calorie diet of not more than around 1,100 calories each day. While this may be difficult, you have to burn more calories than you eat so as to lose weight.

So keep in mind to maintain a low-calorie diet of 1100 calories per day.

Step 2
Secondly, you should consume four or five small meals each day rather than three large ones. This will keep your metabolism going all day long and will get you visually accustomed to lesser portions.

So, you need to find simple, low-calorie meals that you will be able to can enjoy daily.

Step 3
Next, you need to reach for fruit or a fruit bowl when you are looking for a low-calorie snack. Fruits like apples will provide your body with enough fibre and it also fills you up real fast. When you eat fruits that are rich in fibre, they help in killing your hunger pangs and thus you will not feel hungry till your lunchtime. This, in turn, helps in reducing the calorie intake.

Fruit is a healthy and also a low-calorie snack.

Step 4
Make it a point that you drink at least 10 to 12 glasses of water every day. In addition to that, you also need to cut out all the non-diet soft drinks, milk, juice, alcohol and sweetened iced tea. These drinks are negative calories you consume since they are extremely caloric and do not provide much nutritional value. If more variety is required, black coffee, diet soda and unsweetened tea are also allowable low-calorie alternatives.
Unsweetened tea supplements flavour without all the calories of sweet tea. You can use fruit to sweeten.

Step 5
Make a track of everything you eat and drink with the help of a food diary. Doing this while dieting not only provides you with an easy way to keep a record and also total your daily caloric consumption; it also assures that you drink enough water.
Food diaries assist you to track the food you eat.

Step 6
You can also have a daily supplement, such as the amino acid L-glutamine, which will help to reduce hunger and cravings. In addition to that, you can add L-carnitine every day to speed up fat burning.

Supplements can aid you in easing the cravings and hunger and thus increase the rate of fat burning.

Step 7
Most of them tend to weigh themselves frequently. This practice should be limited. You should weigh yourself only once a week. When you weigh yourself more than, it usually discourages the people when they are not dropping pounds fast enough.

So do not get intimidated by regular weigh-ins.

Step 8
You can also have a multivitamin every day when you are dieting. This will help you to make sure that your body is still receiving what it requires, even though you may be eating a reduced amount of calories.

If you do the above mentioned steps correctly, then you will see an incredible change in your weight and will also feel fit and healthy.


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