Reversible emoji- Texting is going to be so much fun

Ever wished the emoji you want to use is in the opposite direction so that you can convey the message properly. Well Apple has come with a new feature that lets you reverse the emoji. How cool is that? This cool feature is set to be launched next year.

In the next iOS update, the iPhone and iPad are to be among the first devices to welcome the reversible emoji feature. But no worries for non iPhone users this feature will soon be applicable to all the devices that enables emoji support.

As per the details announced in a blog post by the Unicode Consortium the Unicode Emoji 11.0 is already out to the developers and it contains about 130 Emojis. This list is not yet final and changes may include with further removal and addition. So far the information that has been leaked around MacRumors  have suggested that the  vendors will have the rights to choose the Emojis that the want to be reversed.

The draft illustrates the following, for example, one can choose the direction one wants to run, cycle and walk. Further the directions of the vehicles can also be reversed. The good news is not just them, the rumours suggest that in the draft that has been submitted the users can expect Face Emojis without hair, with coloured hair, afro style etc. few new additions are softball, fire extinguisher, bagel, swan and so much more interesting stuff .

So when can we expect this feature to go up? It has been said that they feature will come along with the   iOS 12 or iOS 12.1 next year. For those lucky ones we can hope that they will also be included in the beta versions. If that happened then with a little more waiting, the feature can be expected to work on the Android version 9.

Yay! Texting is going to be so much fun.


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