5 Food Myths You Still Think Are True

Nowadays, various tips on healthy eating can be found anywhere and everywhere. However, what really matters is that whether these tips necessarily make for a good and valid advice or not? There's no denying the fact that various researches keep changing, and so do their results. Hence, it is also not hard to believe that not all food myths are actually true. It's time to leave behind all those common food myths and understand them in a better and wiser manner. Give yourself a reality check and read on to know more about some common food myths that have been considered true since a long time.
1. Microwaving The Food Reduces Its Nutritional Value

It is often believed that steaming the vegetables in the microwave could reduce the nutritional value of the veggie. However, if you use a little bit of water and cover the vegetables, it will actually help in keeping all the vitamins and minerals intact and steam the vegetables in the best possible manner.

2. Organic Food Is More Healthy

Eating anything that is organic isn't okay. Organic snacks eaten in excess, thinking that they are healthy, can cause you more harm than good. An organic chocolate syrup would remain chocolate syrup at the end of the day.

3. Salads Are Always The Healthiest Options On The Menu

Salads are indeed healthy but all the toppings and dressings that are later added to it like mayonnaise etc. have fats and are high on calorie count. These high calorie products can cause you more than those fries that you are trying to avoid. So try to avoid those creamy sweetened toppings in a salad and go healthy.

4. Egg Yolks Are Bad For Health

Whole egg is high in cholesterol but low in fat. Including the whole egg in your diet will not affect your cholesterol levels or risk of having a heart attack or any other such disease.

5. Going Vegetarian Will Help You Lose Weight

Vegetarians also gain weight and eat foods that can cause them weight gain. They might eat foods that have fewer calories than meat but that doesn't mean they don't eat fatty foods. For instance, Mac and cheese can cause more harm than a grilled chicken.


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