Wonder Why You Don't Get Grape Ice-Creams Often? Here's Why!

Ice cream has always been my go-to dessert since childhood and I have tried innumerable flavours; but what I failed to notice is the presence of grape ice cream in most parlours I went to. Strangely, grapes are welcome as juices, sodas and popsicles, but you will not find it in ice cream parlours that easily. If you haven't noticed this yet, do take a visit to your favourite parlour and see if they offer grape ice creams or not. There's a reason why grapes aren't usually made for ice-cream making, here's why.Ice creams are made with milk and grapes and milk do not go well with each other, which is why it they cannot be paired together. Grapes basically contain Anthocyanin that prevents freezing so it ends up becoming grape milk rather than frozen ice cream.

In addition, grapes have extremely high water content - just like watermelon that is also not frequently converted into a frozen delicacy - which creates fairly inconsistent little chunks of ice-cream when you try to freeze a large amount of grapes and turn them into ice cream. Therefore, these delights can work in the favour of sorbets, but definitely not for anything creamy.

Grape ice creams or the lack of them also have quite a few interesting legends and theories surrounding them. One of the most popular theories is many big ice cream companies tried their hands on making grape ice-creams and failed miserably, thanks to the presence of anthocyanin. According to one of the tales, it is said that in the year 1976, Ben from the company Ben and Jerry's tried to make this ice-cream in a bid to impress his lady love Becky. Ben tried his best and succeeded by adding grape skins to the ice-cream, however, the victory was short-lived. Becky loved the ice-cream and offered it to her dog who licked it a couple of times and dropped dead. It turned out that grapes are toxic to dogs, specifically to anthocyanin.
It is said that this information was relayed to the pharmaceutical industry and the U.S. Food & Drug Administration banned grape flavoured ice-creams or sherbets.

Some people refute the water-content theory. According to them cherry also has a lot of water content but its possible to make and eat cherry ice creams. So perhaps its about the demand of the particular fruit flavoured ice-cream. It is believed that most people do not associate grapes with ice-cream, so there is not demand for it.

While these theories may or may not be true, but it can be said that 100% grape ice-cream isn't easy to make. Next time you head out to an ice-cream parlour, do let us know if you get a chance to taste grape ice-cream!


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