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Five Reasons Eggs Are Good For You & Five Egg Dangers Explained

Don’t be afraid of eggs! Eggs are a perfect source of protein, providing an array of powerful brain nutrients, easily digested amino acids, and other vitamins that are vital for wellness. Despite being one of the most nutrient-rich foods on the planet, eggs are often demonized since they are a very misunderstood food. The supposed ill effects of eggs have been equated with cigarette smoking, “the road to hell,” and “one foot in the grave” by uninformed individuals. Is there any chance eating eggs is truly so dangerous to your health and quality of life? No. But what we are finding in nutrition and food research is that it’s all about context. Although there is no reason to inherently fear eggs or to banish them from your diet,  there is some cause for caution in certain situations. This article will give five you compelling benefits of eggs and tell you how to avoid possible dangers to eating eggs.

Reasons Why Eggs Are Good For You #1. Eggs are the perfect body composition food because…